Satin Lavender Eye Pillow
Satin Lavender Eye Pillow

Satin Lavender Eye Pillow


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The ultimate in relaxation.  Slip into a tranquil relaxation with this satin Eye Pillow. When heated this eye pillow soothes aches and pains and relaxes the mind and body and takes your worries away.  Pure bliss during restorative yoga, before bed or after a stressful day. , Lavender buds have been used for centuries to help relieve insomnia, migraines and headaches and oooh the satin is so silky that you’ll feel like royalty.

Tip:  To refresh the scent of your eye pillow scrunch the pillow in your hands for a few minutes. (This is relaxing on its own)

Colour: Purple

12 cm x 23 cm


Lavender, Flax Seed, 100 % Satin outer shell 



Hot Therapy – Spritz with water.  Heat 30 seconds in a microwave.  Do not exceed 30 seconds.

Cold Therapy – Place in a plastic bag in a freezer 1-2 hours.

Test on your arm before use to ensure it is not too hot.



Weight .285 lbs