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Serenity Lavender………….Inspirational

cleopatra1We had the pleasure last summer of a visit from The Great Canadian Adventure Tour.  We were not only thrilled to host them but we really had a blast showing them around the farm and being a part of the filming. Thanks guys for making us a stop!

Lavender is perhaps nature’s most alluring herb. It has been said to be the herb of love.  The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, certainly knew this! It’s said that she used it to capture the heart of not only Julius Ceasar but Mark Antony as well.  Egyptians used lavender not only as a perfume  added to their waters and baths but also for embalming their dead. They knew that essential oils beautify the inside of you body as well  as the outside.

We introduced the Tour to the many uses of lavender – from culinary to aromatherapy.  556

It looks like we got 2 thumbs up as a place to visit.  As they put it “its a uniquely tranquil destination experience”, but take a look for yourself!




The flight of the butterflies

Today was a beautiful sunny day at Serenity Lavender Farm and it reminded me of our recent trip to the Carribean where we saw butterflies that looked like the same beautiful monarchs that flitter about our lavender plants each year.  Each year we are blessed to experience the spectacular monarch migration each fall.   But we’ve discovered that while we have many photos taken by us and our friends of the beautiful butterflies that allure our visitors to come to the farm, the regal monarch butterfly has always remained illusive to the camera lens.  So this year we have made a resolution here at Serenity Lavender Farm and that is to capture that gorgeous monarch  butterfly on film ( although its not really film anymore with digital photography).  So this year we invite you to come photograph that illusive monarch or  to simply enjoy the spectacular show of the flight of the butterflies at our beautiful farm.