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Serenity Peace Garden Dedication

We are pleased to announce the opening and dedication of our labyrinth and Binational Peace Garden.  The peace garden celebrates not only the 200 years of peace between Canada and the United States but also Rotary International’s goal of Peace in the world.

We hear the word peace every day. We hear it in the news, we use it in conversation, but most of us spend very little time thinking about what peace means to us.

In its simplest level, peace can be defined by what it is not – a state where there is no war, no violence, no hostility, no conflict, no persecution and no fear. But we can also define peace by what it is, and by what it can be. Peace can mean freedom of thought, opinion and choice. It can mean security, stability, and respect. It can simply be the acceptance of the basic humanity. On a more abstract level, peace is a sense of happiness, tranquility – Serenity.

As Canadians many of us have been touched by war. The Serenity Peace Garden is in the form of a 5 circuit Baltic labyrinth.  Unlike a maze it is a single path. We welcome you to walk the path and contemplate your meaning of peace and the humanity that binds us all.



Binational Alliance Peace Garden – SerenityLaunch Invitation