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Serenity Lavender………….Inspirational

cleopatra1We had the pleasure last summer of a visit from The Great Canadian Adventure Tour.  We were not only thrilled to host them but we really had a blast showing them around the farm and being a part of the filming. Thanks guys for making us a stop!

Lavender is perhaps nature’s most alluring herb. It has been said to be the herb of love.  The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, certainly knew this! It’s said that she used it to capture the heart of not only Julius Ceasar but Mark Antony as well.  Egyptians used lavender not only as a perfume  added to their waters and baths but also for embalming their dead. They knew that essential oils beautify the inside of you body as well  as the outside.

We introduced the Tour to the many uses of lavender – from culinary to aromatherapy.  556

It looks like we got 2 thumbs up as a place to visit.  As they put it “its a uniquely tranquil destination experience”, but take a look for yourself!




The flight of the butterflies

Today was a beautiful sunny day at Serenity Lavender Farm and it reminded me of our recent trip to the Carribean where we saw butterflies that looked like the same beautiful monarchs that flitter about our lavender plants each year.  Each year we are blessed to experience the spectacular monarch migration each fall.   But we’ve discovered that while we have many photos taken by us and our friends of the beautiful butterflies that allure our visitors to come to the farm, the regal monarch butterfly has always remained illusive to the camera lens.  So this year we have made a resolution here at Serenity Lavender Farm and that is to capture that gorgeous monarch  butterfly on film ( although its not really film anymore with digital photography).  So this year we invite you to come photograph that illusive monarch or  to simply enjoy the spectacular show of the flight of the butterflies at our beautiful farm.


Serenity Peace Garden Dedication

We are pleased to announce the opening and dedication of our labyrinth and Binational Peace Garden.  The peace garden celebrates not only the 200 years of peace between Canada and the United States but also Rotary International’s goal of Peace in the world.

We hear the word peace every day. We hear it in the news, we use it in conversation, but most of us spend very little time thinking about what peace means to us.

In its simplest level, peace can be defined by what it is not – a state where there is no war, no violence, no hostility, no conflict, no persecution and no fear. But we can also define peace by what it is, and by what it can be. Peace can mean freedom of thought, opinion and choice. It can mean security, stability, and respect. It can simply be the acceptance of the basic humanity. On a more abstract level, peace is a sense of happiness, tranquility – Serenity.

As Canadians many of us have been touched by war. The Serenity Peace Garden is in the form of a 5 circuit Baltic labyrinth.  Unlike a maze it is a single path. We welcome you to walk the path and contemplate your meaning of peace and the humanity that binds us all.



Binational Alliance Peace Garden – SerenityLaunch Invitation




12 Wedding Trends for 2012

We had to share this with wedding season around the corner. Don’t forget that Serenity Lavender has lots of purple bonbonniere ideas for brides at reasonable prices.

by Cara Davis

Economic woes continue to play a part in today’s weddings. Couples are opting for smaller weddings and choosing to spend their money more wisely. According to a recent study from, brides and grooms are paying for more of the wedding bill themselves (to the tune of $10,000 – $20,000 US), and they’re having more fun with it.

The report concluded that more couples are moving away from formal and traditional weddings to fun, romantic, simple, casual and unique weddings with a touch of formality and tradition.

Here are some more trends forecasted for 2012:

1. It’s a Small World
Couples are keeping a tight rein on guest numbers (under 150), as the overall cost of the wedding is directly affected by how many heads are in attendance.

2. Autumn Leads
While June is the reigning month for marriages, September is a close second and other months, including August and October are on the rise.

3. Rustic and Vintage Themes
Rustic themes and vintage touches continue to trend, including weddings held in barns and receptions at local farmer’s markets.

4. DIY Reigns
Brides are discovering they can create many of their wedding favours and décor – flowers, invitations and even the cake.

5. Tech Love
Today’s brides (96 per cent of them according to are planning, shopping and registering online and even incorporating technology into the wedding day itself. Online blogs are providing the inspiration brides are looking for to piece together their day.

6. Sweet Endings
Dessert buffets continue to take a bite out of receptions, with non-traditional choices like square mini-cakes and cupcake tiers or pies, macaroons, Whoopie Pies, cake pops, colour-coordinated candy and even ice cream sundae stations or a cookies and milk bar. The dessert choices reflect the whimsical, fun nature of today’s weddings.

7. Colour Me Vibrant
Some of the biggest colors this year are purples and green as well as jewel tones, according to

8. Casually Groomed
Much to the relief of grooms everywhere, tuxedo rentals are out and suits and casual wear are in. states demand for tuxedo rental is down 11 per cent over 2010 numbers.

9. Candid Cameras
Formal photos are out and candid shots are in that fit with the look and feel of the wedding day. Demand for photo booths continues to rise as a fun way to capture memories.

10. Non-traditional Gifts
Non-traditional gift registries like are popping up, allowing couples to register for gift cards according to their tastes and needs, as research shows that couples are waiting longer to get married (brides are 27 on average, grooms 29).

11. Close To Home predicts destination weddings will decline or remain flat in 2012 as couples are sticking close to home for the wedding day. They’re also choosing more outdoor and/or all-inclusive locations to simplify their weddings and save money.

12. Staying Put
Not only are couples staying close to home, they’re opting to host the ceremony and reception in the same location – again, to save money and simplify.

Cara Davis is the author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot and a blogger for


Harrow Fair Cookbook

Just in time for the Holidays we have signed copies of the award winning Harrow Fair Cookbook available. Quantities are limited so order early to avoid disappointment!


Holiday Hours

Serenity will be open for your holiday shopping convenience on Saturdays and Sundays from 11-5pm until December 11th, 2011. Serenity’s products make great stocking stuffers and house warming gifts.


Fall Hours

Serenity Lavender is happy to announce its fall hours.  We will be open throughout the Fall on Saturdays & Sundays from 11AM-5PM.

Spend a beautiful, Fall weekend with us at Serenity Lavender!

Coming soon: Lavender Christmas ornaments


Pruning Lavender

Keeping lavender plants in shape is one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy and vigorous bush.  Pruning at Serenity Lavender begins when the plant is still in the greenhouse and continues once or twice a year for the whole life of the plant.  The best time to prune is in the fall after bloom.  Both the top and sides of the plant need to be pruned to generate new growth and prevent legginess or splitting of the branches.  Some varieties have a sprawling habitat and a nice thick bush for a lavender plant is the optimal goal.  As a general rule, the lavender plant may be pruned back by one third.  Be sure to trim only the soft green branches and not get into the wood of the plant.

In the springtime pruning may be required to regenerate growth after a harsh winter.  Cut back any dead wood until you see green in the stems.  If there has been a lot of winter damage it may be wise to prune in stages over a number of years to slowly bring the plant back to its vibrant self.  Although the plants sold at Serenity Lavender are suitable Zones 4-5  (we are zone 6a), winter survival is influenced by location, plant size, mulch type, plant cover and of course temperature.

Otherwise, pruning your Serenity Lavender plant in the spring should be minimal (only on the sides), if any at all, to allow for a full flowering show in July.


Lavender Research Project

Serenity Lavender is pleased to be a part of a 4 year reasearch project to identify lavender varieties suitable for Ontario growing conditions.  The project involves seven farm sites, the Ontario Ministry of  Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the University of Guelph. Twenty two lavender varieties are being reviewed.  While the project got off to a bit of a slow start with some plants dying while being shipped,  an  interim report has now been released.  The initial results suggest that fabric mulch and sandy soils, such as those found at Serenity Lavender resulted in a larger plant size and better quality plant shape.  The French lavadin varieties also had abetter shape and size compared to the English or angustifolia varieties.  Winter survival will be assessed in the spring this year and the results across Ontario will be interesting given the large amount of snowfall and cold conditions experienced.