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Lavender Tours & Experiences

We offer a variety of tours at Serenity Lavender Farm.  Due to COVID 19 restrictions all tours are currently cancelled.  Stay tuned for updates and the recommencement of our Lavender tours (fingers crossed) in Spring 2021.

Lavender Bloom Tours

lavender with bubble bee

Bubble bees mark the start of lavender oil production

These small group exclusive lavender tours are offered only during bloom every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am from June 19th  to July 11th  and again in the fall depending on the timing of our second bloom and Mother nature.  This mini tour offers a glimpse of the world of lavender- you’ll experience the unique colours, aromas and flavours of lavender as we explore it’s history and uses.  Come and learn the language of lavender.  Dates and cost to be announced.


Lavender angustifolia- melissa

Lavender comes in a wide variety of colours

Twilight Lavender Tours

Come for this fun and interactive, behind the scenes tour and  lavender workshop and learn how to prune, plant, harvest and care for your lavender plant. We’ll give you a hands on demonstration and you’ll even get to try some of the techniques yourself depending on the stage of growth of the plant you may learn to prune or harvest.  You’ll get lots of companion planting ideas and discuss the uses for lavender too! Workshop fee includes a workbook and a lavender plant to give you joy for years to come.  This session is great for those who want to learn more about lavender. Whether you are a beginner gardener or a seasoned pro you’re sure to learn something in this lavender tour. Details of dates, times and cost to be announced.


Lavender Tour

Lavender Twilight Tour- Learn to grow lavender

Hike 42 Degrees

A Wildflower Discovery

When Spring has sprung  we look forward to the burst of wildflowers in our secret oasis. We’ve teamed up with our sister company North 42 Degrees Estate Winery to bring you a wildflower discovery hike through the lavender garden, into the vineyard and along our riparian area to our beautiful 40 acre Carolinian forest. You’ll be led on this guided hike by our nature loving co-owners, Suzanne Dajczak and microbiologist Martin Gorski and learn about our unique soils and plant life and, see why “forest bathing” rejuvenates the soul!




You’ll be treated to wine tasting, an outdoor camp style gourmet lunch, prepared by our own culinary team led by  Chef Cameron MacDonald, while you  treat your body, mind and senses and learn about  the beautiful wildflower species, trees and plants that inhabit our natural wonderland and all mother nature has to offer in Windsor Essex County! Details of dates, times and costs to be announced.

Campfire gourmet lunch at Serenity Lavender

Enjoy a campfire gourmet lunch!

Jelly fungi

Jelly fungi found while exploring our Carolinian forest


Trilliums abound in our Carolinina forest

Acres of trilliums await on our wildflower Hike


What’s the Buzz?

Lavender Bee Tours

We’ve teamed up with Anderdon Apiaries who look after our busy lavender honey making bees and have created this opportunity to learn about lavender and  get an up close and personal look at life and work of the beekeeper and the honeybee.

Lavender Honey made by our busy bees

Bee Making Lavender Honey


Your host will meet you in the lavender Labyrinth where you will see many species of bees, including honey bees, pollinating the flowers.  You’ll get a quick overview about the types of lavender grown at Serenity and it’s benefits. Your host will then lead you through to the lavender field where you will learn about honeybees and beekeeping.


Honey Bee Frame

Honey Bees in action making lavender honey

Here you can get up close and personal with the bees and see them in action.  You will then suit up in one of our beekeeper’s suits and watch as our beekeeper opens a live bee hive with the group.  The bee suit is steam cleaned before every visit.


Work at our apiary

Beekeeper Darryl at work

Our expert beekeeper, Darryl, will provide and up close and personal tour through a live beehive. He’ll show you the various parts of a beehive and point out the Queen bee, worker bees, and drones, learn about the importance of bees, beekeeping equipment, pollination and some really cool facts.  Did you know that a single bee colony produces up to 100 lbs of lavender honey?


Spooning out lavender honey

Lavender honey

For the final part of the tour you’ll do a honey tasting comparing different honey made naturally by our lovely bees from different fields, flowers and herbs including lavender and other products from the beehive.