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It’s Time to Prune the Lavender!

With the unseasonably cold weather in March and April, many people have not been able to be out and about in their gardens. Typically I don’t begin to spring prune my lavender plants until all signs of frost have past and the full moon calendar is a good indicator. A full moon just passed this May 14th, and the next one is scheduled for June 13th. My plants are greening up already and with temperatures expected to rise to seasonable temperatures again I’m thinking that pruning will start right away.  At Serenity we prune in the fall and just lightly touch up the plants in the spring. This year, the cold weather has lasted longer than usual and although we pruned last fall, we will need to do a little more than just a light touch up at this time to our plants. Unfortunately we have notice that some of our plants have been affected by the cold weather.  So, if you have not done fall pruning or you have notice damage in your plants caused by the long lasting cold weather, I recommend a good trim to keep your plants healthy and productive. Both the top and sides of the plant need to be pruned to generate new growth and prevent legginess or splitting of the branches. Some varieties have a sprawling habitat and a nice thick bush for a lavender plant is the optimal goal. As a general rule, the lavender plant should be pruned back by one third of the new growth. Be sure to trim only the soft green branches and not cut into the wood of the plant. Trimming promotes the branching of stems for a full thick plant. Timing is everything with spring pruning – after the risk of frost to prevent damage to the plants but before the plant gears up into bud production to allow for a full flowering show in July and all through the summer.

Happy Gardening!!