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  • Herbes de Provence


    Bring a little bit of France into your cuisine, with our special blend of herbes de Provence with a touch of locally grown lavender. A flavourful and fragrant addition to your roasted chicken, pork,, stews or roasted vegetables.  So simple to use just toss your veggies in oil, add salt, pepper and our blend of […]

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  • Lavender Pepper


    Lavender Pepper a terrific blend of herbs and spices.

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  • Lavender Sugar


    Lavender Sugar can be used in any dessert, cake, cookie, quickbread, or jam recipe.  Just substitute 1 teaspoon of regular sugar in your recipe.  It is absolutely terrific in shortbread and sugar cookies.

    The sweet, citrusy flavour can also be used for making vinaigrette dressings and pairs wonderfully with white wine and balsamic vinegar.

    Use it in teas, coffees, hot chocolate and even espresso.  The possibilities are endless.

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  • Serenity's Culinary Lavender


    Our specially selected English Lavender buds have the sweetest fragrance and  a light floral flavour with citrus notes. The uses of lavender are limited only by your imagination – from salad dressings to creme brulee, lavender is an incredibly versatile herb for cooking and can be found in the kitchens of many restaurants and bars […]

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  • Southwest BBQ Rub


    Celebrating the bold flavours of our region, Essex County, our savory seasoning combines premium hot peppers, chili, paprika, garlic and onion with a classic medley of herbs and spices with a hint of Serenity’s culinary lavender. The spicy heat of this rub blend is an irresistible partner for beef, poultry, pork and seafood.   Perfect […]

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